Our coolers come in two lengths:

 6 ft x 8 ft cooler  -  2 taps

6 ft x12 ft cooler  -  3 taps

Pricing is per day, discounts for additional days.

Cooler features & specifications:

Heavily insulated walls, ceiling and floor, covered with non-absorbent white fiberglass panels.

stainless steel floor

6’2” inside height

31” rear entry door

wooden step up

51 ft of stainless steel or coated shelving

375 cubic feet of refrigeration

interior light and 110 A.C. outlets

Runs on standard 110 volt household electrical outlet with a 20 amp circuit breaker

Portable generator available

capacity  20 kegs of beer

2 or 3 taps operating at the same time.  hookups are included with beer and air hoses, tap heads and CO2.


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